An Actor's Life

An Actor’s Life

Richard Derrington (aka Mark Hebden in The Archers) recently premiered his first run of An Actor’s Life with Shindig. Marketing Assistant, Becky, caught up with him before his first performance to find out a little more about the show and get an real insight in to the Actor’s Life!

What have been the highlights of your Actor’s Life?
The highlights include playing Willie Loman in ‘Death of a Salesman’ and all my years of working with the prolific playwright Alan Ayckbourn. Also, the first night of Taylor’s Tickler (which started out in village halls) at the National Theatre was a great experience.

Has life as an actor lived up to your expectations?
Some times yes, sometimes no! I’d still rather be doing this than anything else!

Do you have a favourite moment in your show, An Actor’s Life?
At the moment it is Rev Eli Jenkins’ Morning Prayer from Under Milk Wood. On my first night the best moment will be getting to the end!!!

What are your thoughts on rural touring?
On the whole I’ve really enjoyed it. The audiences are so fresh, un-cynical and always welcoming.

What advice would you offer to someone looking to enter in to an actor’s life?
My son is just about to leave RADA so I’m well clued up on that. Be fit and healthy because it can be hard and you don’t just take days off!! Be absolutely sure that there’s nothing else you could happily do. These days you need to have back up skills to get you through the rough patches, they can happen to anyone at anytime. Dustin Hoffman spent years as a waiter in New York! If you are really sure then stick at it. Rejection is a bigger part of the job than success!

An Actor’s Life is a one-man show full of snippets of performances from throughout Richard’s career and anecdotes which spill the beans on the highs, lows and downright absurdities of a life on stage.

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