The Roving Crows at Malvern Cube

Saturday 26th January was an exciting night at Malvern Cube as Ginny, our promoter, and her team made a success of their first Shindig event, with the help of The Roving Crows.

Malvern Cube is a new venue on the Shindig circuit, previously a youth centre, Ginny explains how it has ended up where it today, “The building was under threat of being demolished and replaced with a small housing development in 2011. The people of Malvern fought to save the centre, which it did, and Malvern Cube is now run by a charitable trust for the benefit of the youth and community of Malvern. It is a large building that was much underused.”

Ginny (at the front) with The Roving Crows

Ginny (at the front) with The Roving Crows

Now, Malvern is really starting to feel the benefit “Malvern Cube in growing into a busy community building” says Ginny, and the trust have a strong vision for the space “we hope the people of Malvern will take ownership in order to develop its multifunctional space for affordable activities and arts projects for all ages”.

It is always interesting to find out how promoters get on, and new, and existing promoters will be comforted to hear Ginny’s experience, “The tickets did go quite slowly to start, so I was panicking a bit with two weeks to go and less than 30 tickets sold, but in the last week we were up to 80 with another 30 sold on the last day, phew!”

From the sounds of things Malvern Cube created a fantastic backdrop for an entertaining evening, “The Roving Crows were an astoundingly energetic band that created a wonderful vibe in the Malvern Cube theatre space. You could not stop yourself from dancing along with their style of Celtic music. The band themselves were very friendly and spent time with the audience who wished to thank them for a very entertaining evening” says Ginny.

The Roving Crows at Malvern Cube

The Roving Crows at Malvern Cube

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